• How we can Help

We don’t charge by the hour but rather we set project objectives and give a firm quote for an agreed on scope of work. We believe that this method encourages efficiency and promotes a focus on achieving goals. When working with our clients, we can adopt one or more of the following formats:

Workshops and Advisory Meetings

This is the least expensive way to get expert advice for your business; recommended if you have a specific issue and you already have information on hand or when an unexpected circumstance arises that needs immediate attention.

This type of service can be in the form of coaching sessions, workshops or advisory meetings (one or more). You are expected to be very involved in the process and meetings are focused on providing guidance, generating ideas and offering objective assessments.

Some examples

“My accountant just sent my financial statements and I’m not sure how to interpret them.”

“I have a business idea and I would like feedback about my projections.”

“I need assistance preparing for a grant/loan presentation.”

“I will open my business and have different location options to choose from, but I’m not sure what to look for.”

Defined Scope Projects

This type of project is usually best for more complex issues, when one or a few meetings is not enough and further research and analysis is required.

We will work with you to determine the project’s objectives and provide a detailed description of the scope of work and deliverables.  This type of project usually comprises a detailed research and analysis component which results in a set of recommendations and an action plan. We can also be part of the implementation stage if required. Depending on the scope, these projects usually take 4-10 weeks.

Some examples

“I need help writing my business plan.”

“I need to increase my revenues and don’t know how to get more clients.”

“I am always struggling with cash flows and don’t know how to get out of the cycle.”

“My business has inconsistent reviews online, how can I increase customer satisfaction?”

“I’ve noticed more competition in my market/area, how can I stand out?”

Direct Involvement Projects

This is a very hands-on type of consulting where we assume one or more roles in your business, working side by side with your team.

We will apply our expertise to help you fill temporary personnel gaps, enable fast decision making and bring a new set of eyes on the daily operations of your business.

Some examples

“My marketing director left and I need someone to fill the role until I find the right replacement.”

“My business is growing and I don’t have the budget to hire someone full time, but I need help in certain areas to sustain the growth until I can hire someone.”

“I have an event coming up and I need someone to be responsible for some of the activities.”