• Montreal Advisory Bureau - how we started.

Who We Are

Montreal Advisory Bureau started with the main objective of empowering developing businesses and offering small and medium size enterprises access to high quality consulting services.  Realizing how difficult it is for small and medium companies to find affordable and professional consulting, we build on complex methodologies and analytic processes commonly used in the consulting industry, adapting them to the small business reality.

With significant experience in two different worlds, large international corporations and start-up businesses, we partner with our clients to create simple and actionable solutions to real-world challenges. The action plans we build are completely customized to the size, resources and capabilities of the companies we work with. We always push to go beyond analysis in order to facilitate and accelerate the implementation stage; and we believe that there is no good assessment without concrete actions and results.

We are focused on translating leading business practices across industries. Having accumulated experience in various industries including finance, retail, telecom, consumer goods, security, manufacturing, textile, education, technology, fashion, hospitality and others; we are ready to help you conceptualize, analyze and realize your business’ potential.

Our Value Proposition

At the Bureau, we embrace high quality standards for every single mandate we work on. For us, quality and positive outcomes are only the result of being consistent to our guiding principles and mindset.

Partnership with our clients

We view every consulting agreement as a partnership. We see ourselves as part of our clients’ team. Even though we always maintain an objective and independent view, we believe that only by sharing the same goals we will be able to obtain the best results.

Results driven analysis

We focus on delivering results not reports. We prefer to use less words rather than complicated jargon; we prefer simple over complex solutions; we appreciate clear presentations rather than bulky reports. We’re not satisfied unless we provide recommendations that can be feasibly implemented in our clients’ businesses.


We base our relationships with our clients on integrity. For us, honesty, fairness and trust are necessary to deliver long-lasting results.

Accurate market information

We have exclusive access to diverse publications and databases that allow us to obtain updated and precise information about the market.

Access to specific knowledge

We have a broad network of collaborators that we can draw from. From marketing experts to web designers to branding experts to financial accountants, we work with our external colleagues to provide specialized advice to our clients.

Business acumen and comprehensive approach

We assess our clients’ challenges using a top-down perspective. Especially in small and medium businesses, it is necessary to understand how all the business functions are related. We look for the right balance between long- and short-term needs.

Meet the Partners

Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas

Carlos has more than seven years of experience in business consulting. Occupying management roles in big international firms prior to founding the Bureau, he has been recognized for constantly challenging status-quo, raising standards and adapting and evolving leading business practices to fit diverse market realities. Carlos brings to the Bureau an uncommon way of looking at business challenges and a keen ability to identify performance improvement opportunities in both small enterprises and big corporations. He has a natural talent for designing and implementing solutions in different business functions but particularly in the areas of strategy, risk management and operations.

Danielle Ker
Danielle Ker

Danielle’s entrepreneurial drive has led to over twelve years of experience in both owning and managing small businesses. A calculated risk-taker, she has started several businesses over the years including a bookkeeping and small business consulting business where she gained experience working in various industries, including hospitality, fashion and international trade. Danielle enjoys working with entrepreneurs and helping them with the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. With a passion for marketing and extensive experience developing business plans, financial forecasts and cash flow control tools, she is a trusted business advisor and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs.