• How we can Help

Montreal Advisory Bureau is dedicated to working closely with you to develop a proposal that meets your needs.  While every project we work on is completely customized to you, below you will find some examples of the services that we provide:

Business Planning

Having a comprehensive plan increases the probability of your business’ success. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your current business, we can develop a full business plan from start to finish, or simply focus on specific areas that you need assistance with.

Ask us about

• Business plans
• Market research
• Feasibility studies
• Financial analysis and projections
• Cash flow management
• Grant applications


Starting from defining your business’ vision and mission, identifying changes needed to adapt to the ever changing competitive environment, and planning the next step in your business expansion, we can assist you in developing a business strategy to help you survive and thrive.

Ask us about

• Industry analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Business model analysis
• Balanced scorecard
• Risk management
• Growth plans

Marketing and Sales

Reaching your customers and understanding their needs is key to gaining a competitive advantage, no matter what your industry.  We are here to help you identify who to target, develop a brand strategy, pricing strategy, and determine which sales channels to use.

Ask us about

• Marketing plans
• Market research
• Brand development
• Communication plan
• Social media marketing
• Customer experience enhancement

Human Capital

We can help you define the best way to organize your business, develop a performance measurement system to align day-to-day operations with your strategy, or develop a change-management plan that will promote an internal behaviour and culture to raise performance and achieve goals.

Ask us about

• Performance evaluation model
• Compensation system analysis
• HR planning and development
• Change management plans

Project Management

A systematic project management plan supports the planning, implementation and control processes of your growth initiatives and allows you to align efforts with the business’ objectives, allocate available resources efficiently and manage project risks in a timely manner. 

Ask us about

• Project planning
• Implementation plans
• Project execution
• Financial planning

Operations Improvement

We can help you analyze your processes to identify efficiency and cost reduction opportunities. By evaluating purchasing, manufacturing, outbound logistics, sales and even support activities, our approach focuses on finding actionable initiatives that can improve your company’s performance and its bottom line.

Ask us about

• Cost reduction
• Process evaluation
• Management control systems
• Operations planning