• Creating a business plan under a limited budget is possible.
  • Getting more customers with limited resources is possible.
  • Create a business plan to improve sales, work on grow revenues, target new clients and customers, create a marketing plan, marketing strategy

Do you need help making your business idea a reality?  Are you struggling to grow with limited resources?
From business plans and marketing strategies to cash flow management, Montreal Advisory Bureau can help.

We are a management consulting firm that empowers developing businesses and entrepreneurs.
We specialize in small and medium businesses, creating actionable plans that materialize into results.

Who we work with: 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

From experience, we know that business ideas are full of questions and uncertainty. Understanding the market opportunity, estimating capital and operational costs, evaluating current regulations and developing financial projections are essential to manage business risks. We can assist you with these tasks and the development of a feasibility study and business plan, critical steps to access grants and external financing.

Adopting a low-cost approach necessary to have a lean start, we put ourselves in your shoes and help you translate thoughts into actions, guiding you through the start-right process.

Start-ups and Small Businesses

Start-ups and new businesses are full of challenges on various levels. Better knowing your clients and having a defined strategic focus is key to surviving and thriving in a context where decisions, such as marketing investments, need to be made with limited resources. We can help you define and shape your business model, identifying the critical steps to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

Partnering with you from the strategic thinking to the implementation, we have the experience to navigate you out of the cashflow rat-race creating a clear growth road-map.

Established Businesses

Having a competitive edge is even more demanding when coping with fast-paced, evolving markets or mature industries where organic growth is limited. Either way, we’ve seen that there are always opportunities to improve. Reviewing everything from your strategic goals to your tactical and operational activities, we can work together to improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, grow the real bottom line and expand your operations.

With experience working with international corporations, we can help you see new business opportunities and boost the value of your company.